Coal tar deep process

Coal tar deep process:
Through deepening cooperation with Japan’s JFEC, the company has established two joint ventures, i.e.Shandong Jiefuyizhenxing Chemical Co., Ltd. and Zaozhuang Jiefuyizhenxing Chemical Co., Ltd., with the annual coal tar deep process capacity exceeding 1 million tons; both the processing capacity of single device and comprehensive scale are ranked at the forefront of its kind at home and abroad; the quality of its leading products, such as carbon black oil, modified bitumen and technical naphthalene, has reached world-class level;the company has participated in establishing the national standard for carbon black oil, which triggers the raw material change of domestic carbon black enterprises. In order to extend the industrial chain, the company has introduced the production technology of phthalic anhydride from Japanese JFEC, and built up the project of technical naphthalene-made phthalic anhydride with an annual output of 40 thousand tons, which further enhances the overall strength of the company.

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